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Hydrology Concept
Visitors will discover a new application of radar for weather moderation and water management. Whether it is residential, fishery and agricultural use, or stormwater control, after appropriate research, this existing technology will be available for water management districts across the nation. This is a water transport hydrology concept that can transport stormwater to clean storage, improve snowpack, and minimize urban flooding. Dr. Edward Lorenz originated the concept of the butterfly effect in the 1960's; Aquariusradar is based on the butterfly theory. In brief, microwave heating (Aquariusradar) is the opposite of cloud seeding. While this application does constitute weather moderation, it is not a rain making effort but rather a clean water transport method. Cloud seeding with silver iodide, cannon booming, and microwave energy are similar in that each is an attempt to moderate local weather by applying external forces. AquariusRadar will detail microwave heating and the research requirements for stormwater abatement, snowpack enhancement, and cloudseeding augmentation. This hydrology concept is broad in scope and requires local, state or federal government funding, and supervisory oversite. The purpose of AquariusRadar pages is to encourage Emergency Management agencies, water district managers, and the applied physics programs of leading western universities to prepare grant application to the NOAA/NWS for weather moderation research grants directed by the University prinicpal investigators(PIs). Much of what is covered on these pages are the result of observations by the site author over a span of several years as an operator of high powered pencil beam radars.
Snowpack Enhancement The primary purpose of the AquariusRadar pages is to encourage those with access to funding, primarily through research grant(s), to bring this hydrology concept to real operation as a weather moderation discipline. Initial research and testing may be the domain of government or universities, but future operation will most certainly be developed and contracted by private enterprise at a local level. One of the difficulties will be convincing skeptics of the physics (see the rain shadow page on the lower left of the page) and economic viability of such an effort. Because rainfall estimates of a given storm event are not precise, it can be argued that no measureable effect can be achieved because there is no reference. Fortunately, the NexRad data and the associated software and the widespread CoCoRAHS network that has been developed to work with rainfall data can now be used to develope the data base to show the water transport over a period of time. The hydrology transport concept cannot be proven without long term NexRad/CoCoRAHS data trends. Review the Hydrology Concept page and then other pages on the left to learn more. This idea is based on Edward Lorenz butterfly theory that tiny changes in the local weather environment can effect large changes in the final amount of rainfall or snowfall. This concept is being proven by the study of the rainfall patterns around a large DoD radar in NW Florida.
Stormwater Abatement
Cloud Seeding Augmentation The author of these AquariusRadar pages has years of experience with high powered pencil beam radars, as described on the Ideal Candidate page. Some of this operational time was spent directing the radar beam on small developing tropical showers. While the evidence is anecdotal, in almost every case, the size and altitude of the developing cloud could be observed to stop increasing once the radar beam was properly positioned at the cloud base and if manually tracked for a longer period, to begin decreasing in size. When a cell directly upwind passed over the radar site, the chill and blustery winds were notable in the warm tropical environments. A current study of the microwave impact by a large radar in NW Florida on local rainfall is documented monthly and illustrates the transport of water and theweather moderationfor this local area of NW Florida. Moore, Ok- May 21, 2013. The tragic storms at Moore, Ok could have been alleviated by multiple mobile AquariusRadar(s) staged in advance in the NWS watchboxes. Microwave heating of thunderstorms interferes with the storm development.
Hail Suppression
Ideal Candidate AquariusRadar presents a new concept for water management. Note that this is not a rainmaking technique, but rather a water transport and management tool. Visit the pages to learn more about the AquariusRadar concept. Contact tmax123@yahoo.com or tom@aquariusradar.com for questions not covered in the FAQ page. Your review and feedback are welcomed. Thanks! email me with your comments : tom@aquariusradar.com Or contact your legislator about weather moderation research funding.
Frequent Questions? Tragic as they are, the floods and tornados of 2011-2019 will be the impetus for Emergency Management officials responsible for disaster response to immediately begin researching/testing the AquariusRadar concept. Viewers are urged to contact thier legislators and responsible water resources management in thier area to begin the research necessary to make AquauriusRadar available for storm control and water management. Earth science researchers working for bona fide stakeholders in state water programs can have access to the high powered DoD radars necessary to conduct this research. See the California test proposal page. Areas inundated by the rains of Irene can protect themselves in the future by investing in the research now. Update Nov. 2013- Washington, Ill. and surrounding areas could have been protected from tornados if mobile AquariusRadars had been staged in the NWS watch boxes for this storm. The danger zones were forecast 24 hrs in advance, allowing ample time for radar setups in advance of the the storms. Illinois Emergency management: where are you?
Gulf of Mexico Operations Meteorologists understand the operation of radar and radar has become thier major tool for local and regional weather information gathering. Most understand that microwave energy is reflected by clouds which allows rapid analysis. However, few believe microwave energy has any physical impact on cloud development. This is strange as microwave heating of clouds is but the flip side of cloud seeding! But scientists are never doubtful that the microwave oven will heat their coffee quickly! They understand that modest microwave power at very close ranges can heat water to extremely high temperatures-boiling! But they refuse to accept that much larger microwave power, focused at a great distance over an extended time will heat water a tiny amount (.05�F?). And that the tiny heating is enough to slow the growth of a thunderstorm.The cumulonimbus cloud base is a liquid phase of water! For something entirely different, mystery fans will enjoy the Amelia Earhart mystery solution pages.
Southern California Operations Visit the Test Proposal page available from the bottom of the Southern California Operations page and contact your representative and encourage them to support weather moderation research. Wet winter years are times to store excess water! Fill the New Melones Resevoir!!!
Radar Rain Shadow If you want to see the microwave heating impact on clouds, visit the Rainshadow pages and then go to the NOAA/NWS site. Click on the radar tab and then select the weather radar presentation for Northwest Florida weather radar. From this vantage you can observe for yourself, over an extended period of time, the microwave heating effect. AquariusRadar cannot make it rain more from a regional aspect. Mankind cannot change the weather but, In special situations, AquariusRadar can transport and concentrate rain locally as shown on the rainshadow pages. AquariusRadar is a "rob Peter to pay Paul" type rain transport system. Move water to clean storage! Update May 23:The 2011 spring weather brings tragedy as one of the deadliest tornado seasons on record and deadly flooding unfolds. Joplin and Tuscaloosa are devastated by F5 storms. Meanwhile, weather researchers yawn, confident that citizens really don't want any weather moderation research. But if Aquariusradar(s) were positioned to intercept the watch boxes posted by NWS, the intensity of these storms could be lessen as the concentrated microwave energy from the radars interfered with storm development.
This website has nothing to do with HAARP?, ionosphere heating?, ChemTrails?, weather warfare, or any of the myriad nonsense sites devoted to government conspiracy theories concerning weather modification! Unlike more grandiose schemes, such as satellites in space, etc, the AquariusRadar is a down to earth technology that really works. It's weather moderation for the benefit of mankind. It is much more cost effective than cloud seeding!